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The Message from Faculty

Management of technology is a new field of studies encompassing both traditional research areas of management and technology. It is usually dubbed MOT, using the abbreviation form. The burgeoning field of studies is more comprehensive than research on management or technology alone in that it includes both research areas. It is also interdisciplinary in that it crosses studies areas both in management and technology. In addition, it is practical, e.g., because it attempts to examine how managerial people can commercialize technological innovation generated by research staff.

Our graduate school of management of technology at Niigata University offers master-course programs designed for prospective management practitioners in the manufacturing sector to acquire abilities to manage all issues relevant to technology and hold perspectives through which they can gain an understanding of essences of these issues. We, faculty of our school,believe that there are numerous numbers of people who work for manufacturing companies and wish to become a manager capable of understanding both management and technology. Our graduate school, which we and our students call Niigata U. MOT, is a place where we help these people to achieve their wishes.

In order to provide MOT programs, Niigata U. MOT hold scholars, both full-and part-time, from various areas including production control, research and development, business policies, marketing, accounting, economics, human resource, international business, agriculture, and so forth. Our faculty members have produced outstanding academics articles and books in each of their research areas. In addition, our faculty holds people who have not only academic but also professional careers. Based on these academic and professional careers, our faculty members provide not only academic-style teaching accompanying lectures but also hands-on education with case materials or field survey. Some of the classes are team-based and a team of students is required to analyze industrial characteristics, strategies at companies, and so forth.

There are several universities in Japan and abroad, including our university, providing MOT programs at master courses. Niigata U. MOT is different from other schools in that it presents education programs unique to the area. Niigata is located on the Sea of Japan, around 330km northwest to Tokyo, Japan’s capital. The city hold huge rice paddies and therefore boasts industries based rice crops, such as sake breweries and rice crackers. There are numerous metal-making manufacturers in the cities around Niigata, e.g., the cities of Tsubame and Sanjyo. These companies make various types of products ranging from kitchen cutlery (e.g., knives, forks, spoons, and plates), to agricultural tools, to machine tools, to automobile parts, to golf club heads, and to devices used in state-of-the art gadgets such as iPod. Niigata U. MOT has met needs from the area and educated people who work for these local industries unique to the area. Thus,

our graduate school provides professional education aimed at various areas including not just manufacturing but also agriculture and other non-manufacturing sectors.

The city of Niigata is closer to the North-Eastern Asia Region than other parts of Japan. It plays a central role in trading with the region, specifically China, South Korea, and Russia. Students from these countries have come to study at undergraduate and graduate programs at Niigata University. Some of these students have hoped to study at our graduate school and it has accepted them in recent years. Taking into consideration the importance of accelerated globalization, Niigata U. MOT is currently attempting to enrich international education.

We hope we would help prospective management practitioners at home and abroad who are eager to gain and increase an understanding of both management and technology to achieve their wish.